Free yourself

Feb 15th at 2AM / 0 notes

Maybe we are not even meant to be since we have such different expectations of each other



Feb 14th at 9PM / 0 notes

we are probably not meant to be since we want and expect different things.

Feb 14th at 7PM / 0 notes

It just shows how much I’m actually worth la. Fuck.

Feb 14th at 7PM / 0 notes

Rather be single.

Feb 14th at 7PM / 0 notes

Fuck la one rose or one fucking dedication got so hard meh.

Feb 14th at 7PM / 0 notes

I really fucking hate how you don’t ever give a shit about what I want. It’s as though you don’t fucking care about making me happy at all. I’ve always been telling you that these kind of days are very important to me yet you don’t ever fucking bother. Same goes to traveling. I know that you have traveled so many places before and don’t want to spend on traveling anymore, but what the fuck, have you even thought about how it’s such a rare chance for me to travel? You don’t want to go with me then forget it la, let me travel alone and stop whining about it.

Feb 14th at 7PM / 0 notes

Fucking hate this day of the year. Every fucking year it’s the same. 

so tough to tell yourself to not give a fuck

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